Bronia Sawyer

The Fox




There are foxes in the countryside and also in the town,

with coats that look like autumn, orange, red and brown.

Under starry skies, their eyes they glow and shimmer,

running through the gardens, looking for their dinner.

The sleek and slender vixen, climbs along the garden walls,

if you listen out for her, you'll hear her when she calls.

She calls out to a Tod, which is a handsome Mr. Fox,

he's clever and he's cunning, you couldn't keep him in a box.

The Vixen and the Tod make their home inside the earth,

and then in March or April, the vixen will give birth.

Warm inside the den, the fox Cubs safely lay,

until they feel strong enough to come outside and play.

Whiskers, bushy tails and big ears so they can hear,

I watch them for a while and then they disappear.