Bronia Sawyer

Oh to be a Crow




Oh to be a Crow

a Raven or a Rook.

Oh to be a Kingfisher

fishing in a brook.


Oh to be a house Martin

a Swallow or a Swift.

Soaring way up high

on the thermals I would drift.


Oh to be a Finch

a Blackbird or a Sparrow.

Oh to be a Harris hawk

speeding like an arrow.


Oh to be a Thrush

a Nightingale or Lark.

Oh to be a song bird

singing in the dark.


Oh to be a Starling

a Kestrel or an Eagle

Oh to be an Owl

sitting proud and regal


Oh to be a bird

gliding way up high.

Oh to have a pair of wings

I wish that I could fly.

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