Bronia Sawyer

New years eve


Old Year runs so fast towards the finish line,

a feeling of excitement in the air

but in its last few days

a melancholy feeling  does reside

and the Old Year slows a little in its pace.

It knows what is ahead

and as the clock goes round

and time goes by

and twelve o’clock arrives,

the old year just for a second

no more no less

reaches out,

one last gesture,

a new year kiss.

At that moment

all that old did not achieve it leaves,

a gift in time,

old potential is restored

and new opportunity’s arrive,

New year glances back

for just a second no more no less

and returns the kiss

and thanks old year for all its joy and all it’s mess

and for passing on it’s wisdom to the next,

good buy old year it says,

you could have been the best.