Bronia Sawyer

Bronia Sawyer



I write for fun and Also for therapy.



I write for fun and for therapy.


Poetry is a powerful tool for everyone, but I value it especially for its therapeutic qualities. I use it to order and understand the emotions that often fly around my mind. I have OCD And generalised anxiety disorder which take up a lot of my thinking but I feel very lucky that I have Art and Poetry to help me to deal with things that are sometimes hard to cope with.


I hope that through sharing my thoughts it will help others to cope with theirs, by showing them that others suffer too and that they are not alone and also hopefully encouraging them to use poetry to write down and explore their feeling too.


I have always been very open about my mental health problems and I believe that there is strength in sharing and being open and unashamed of who I am.  I want to do what I can to fight the stigma attached mental health problems and like to think through my writing I can show that there is strength in perceived weakness.